At WNRV, one of our goals is to be actively involved in the local community. We work closely with local schools, governments, organizations, and businesses. One of the ways we give back is to provide an on-air community bulletin board and an Events Calendar that you can use to track all the WNRV and community events. Both of these are provided are no cost.

You can use our Local Events forum to post info about your event (registered users only). Or, you can use our contact form if you'd like to have your event listed on the on-air community bulletin board and Calendar (as well as if you're interested in having WNRV being involved with your event).

WNRV has been involved with the local community in numerous areas over the years:
WNRV AM 990 Amber Alert Participating Station Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention

WNRV does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or ethnicity in the placement, scheduling and completion
of purchase of advertising. Any order for advertising that includes any such restriction will not be accepted.