Mountain Music Show 3/13/12

In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, this week's Mountain Music Show focused around Irish and Scottish tunes (plus a few related ones).

Wilson Douglas - Petronella
Paddy Killoran - Drowsy Maggie/Toss the Feathers*
Red Williams - Dusty Miller
Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson - Soldier's Joy
Liam Walsh and J. O'Mahoney - Swallow's Tail/Bonnie Kate/Milliner's Daughter*

Pete McMahan - Morris Hornpipe
Art Rosenbaum and Al Murphy - Drunken Sailor
Paddy Cronin - Con McCarthy's Favorite, the Killarney Wonder*
Kirk Sutphin and Riley Baugus - Last Of Callahan
John Hatcher - Farewell Whiskey
Franklin George - Pipe Medley II: Minstrel Boy/O'Donnell Abu

Angus Chisholm - Moonlight Clog/Hennessey's Hornpipe*
Ken Perlman - Rock Valley Jig/Light and Airy/The Munster Lass
Eck Robertson - Grigsby's Hornpipe
Michael Coleman - Wandering Minstrel/Fasten the Leg in Her/Colemans Cross*
Roscoe Holcomb - Barbara Allen Blues

Franklin George - Londonderry Hornpipe
Chris Via and the Reed Family Band - Money Musk Reel
Hanafins - Bantry Bay Hornpipe*
The Fingal Trio - The Battle of Clontarf*

* From the Internet Archive 78 RPMs & Cylinder Recordings Collection.

The Mountain Music show airs each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990 or our live stream. Downloads of previous shows are also available in our Archives/Podcast area.

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