Hubie King

I received some bad news on Sunday, old-time banjo player Hubie King has died. Hubie was the original host of the Old Time Jam show, which we've carried on WNRV for the past 3 years. In fact, Old Time Jam was the 1st new show we added after taking over ownership of WNRV (& was the 1st dedicated old-time show on WNRV, it predated our own Mountain Music Show by a month or 2). Prior to joining WNRV I'd been listening to his show for a while via WAMU's, so I definitely wanted it for WNRV. Rosemarie Nielson took over the host duties for Old TIme Jam from Hubie in July 2011 & has continued to proudly carry on the show. Thanks to Rosemarie for letting me know about Hubie's passing.

Here is a photo of Hubie at the 2010 Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention.

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