Mountain Music Show 1/15/13

This week I'll continue featuring some live recordings from 2012 on the Mountain Music Show. This week's show has an assortment of tunes from the 2nd Annual Giles Fiddler's Convention, 10th Annual Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention, and the 1st Annual Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance.

Many of the recordings from the festivals are already available in the Mountain Music Show and New River Valley Jamboree sections of the Archives/Podcasts area. Videos from some of these festivals are also on the WNRV YouTube channel.

Farm Use Only - Boatin Up Sandy (Giles Fiddlers Convention)
Crooked Road Ramblers - Poor Man Working at the Saw Mill (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention)
Russ Boyd - Logan County Breakdown (Giles Fiddlers Convention)
Bill Richardson and Sally Morgan - Bluegrass Meadows (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)
Nathan Bowles - Ship in the Clouds (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)

Adrian Shepard-Powell - Hickory Jack (Giles Fiddlers Convention)
Bill Blevins and Tina Liza Jones - Kitchen Girl (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention)
Bill Richardson and Sally Morgan - Bring Back My Blue-eyed Boy to Me (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)
Nathan Bowles - Come Back Boys, Let's Feed the Horses (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)
Dean Reed and Bill Richardson - Blue Ridge (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)

Sugar Run - Lost Indian (Giles Fiddlers Convention)
Rebekah Bolt - Arkansas Traveler (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention)
Eddie Ogle - Ragtime Annie (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention))
Dean Reed and Bill Richardson - Sally Ann (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)
Crooked Road Ramblers - Let Me Fall (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention)

Suggested Overtones - Cumberland Gap (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention)
Dean Reed and Bill Richardson - Sally Ann Johnson (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)
Bill Richardson and Sally Morgan - Indian Squaw (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)
Reed Island Rounders - Black Cat in the Briar Patch (Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention)
Nathan Bowles - Charlie's Pontoon (Glen Alton Jamboree & Dance)

The Mountain Music Show airs each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990 or our live stream. Downloads of some previous shows are also available in our Archives/Podcasts area.

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