Mountain Music Show 11/26/13

I had a Thanksgiving theme for this week's Mountain Music Show, with plenty of turkeys as well as a few other critters.

Kessinger Brothers - Turkey In The Straw
Glen Smith - Turkey Knob
Jacob Bowen, Jeremy Stephens, and Kilby Spencer - Forked Deer
Bob Wills - Crippled Turkey
Uncle Dave Macon - Carve That Possum

George Pegram and Walter "Red" Parham - Turkey In The Straw
Mac Traynham and Shay Garriock - Turkey in the Mountain
Mark Tamsula and Richard Withers - Chase the Squirrel/Fire In the Mtn
Frank Grayson - Snow Deer

Henry Reed - Natchez
Franklin George with John Hilt - Old Zip Coon
Franklin George - Turkey in the Straw
Lawrence Russel and Friends - Chicken Reel
Munsey Gaultney - Chicken in the Bread Tray
Virgil Anderson - Wild Goose Chase
Joe and Odell Thompson - Pumpkin Pie

J.E. Mainer and the Mountaineers - Shoot The Turkey Buzzard
Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands - Possum Up a Gum Stump
Lester and Linda McCumbers - Meat Upon the Goosefoot
Cap Ayers and Darrell Cockram - Turkey in the Straw (Jew's harp duet)
Peg Leg Howell - Turkey Buzzard Blues

The Mountain Music Show airs each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990 or our live stream. Downloads of some previous shows are available in our Archives/Podcasts area.

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