Mountain Music Show 11/18/14

This week I featured our local area on the Mountain Music Show - traditional old-time from Giles, Monroe, & Mercer County.

Oscar Wright - Jake Gillie
Cecil Thompson - Soldiers Joy
Henry Reed - Round Town Gals
Frank George - Jenny Rowlands
The Monroe County Ramblers - Coal Miners Dream
Oscar Wright - Cumberland Gap

Cecil Thompson - Shootin Creek
Frank George - Salt River
Henry Reed - Red Fox
The Monroe County Ramblers - Devil Around the Stump
Cecil Thompson - Going To Get Some Corn
Oscar Wright - Weevily Wheat

Henry Reed - George Booker
Frank George and Friends - Red Wing (live 2010 Henry Reed Fiddlers Convention)
Cecil Thompson - John Hardy
Henry Reed - Betty Liken
Frank George - Fine Times at Our House
The Monroe County Ramblers - Too Young to Marry
West Virginia Coon Hunters - Greasy String

Oscar Wright - Elkhorn Ridge
Cecil Thompson - Wildwood Flower
Frank George, David O'Dell, & Robert Shafer - Rickett's Hornpipe
The Monroe County Ramblers - All Smiles Tonight
West Virginia Night Owls - Sweet Bird
Oscar and Eugene Wright - Protecting the Innocent

The Mountain Music Show airs it's special blend of authentic traditional old-time music each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990, our live stream, or PemTel channel 2. Downloads of some previous shows are available in our Archives/Podcasts area.

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