Mountain Music Show 5/10/16

I continued with the local festival theme on the Mountain Music Show. This week features old-time competition winners from 2014 Annual Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention. The 1st half of the show has the old-time band winners and the second half has the 1st-2nd old-time individual competition winners.

This year's Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention will be held June 10-11 in Newport.

Old-time Band
1st place - Little Stoney Nighthawks - Pretty Little Girl & Henry Reed's Breakdown
2nd place -The Jugbusters - Quince Dillon's High D Tune & Polecat Blues

Old-time Band
3rd place - Reed Island Rounders - Shelvin Rock & Maysville
4th place - Slacktone Strings - Old-time Buffalo Gals & Sugar in the Gourd

Old-time Individual
1st place - Fiddle: Paul Yeaton - Foldin Down the Sheets
1st place - Banjo: Nathan Bowles - Cindy
1st place - Guitar: Timmy Mills - Cannonball Blues
1st place - Banjo/fiddle duet: Jake Maynard/Anne Stroud - Henry Reed's Breakdown
1st place - Dulcimer: Matt Peyton - Shady Grove
1st place - Folk song: Steve Kruger - Claude Allen

Old-time Individual
2nd place - Fiddle: Betty Vornbrock - Falls of Richmond
2nd place - Banjo: Larry Unger - Lonesome John
2nd place - Guitar: Larry Unger - John Henry
2nd place - Banjo/fiddle duet: Liam Kelly/Tessa Dillon - Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
2nd place - Dulcimer: David Parks - John Hardy
2nd place - Folk song: Matt Stacey - Dark Hollow

The Mountain Music Show airs it's special blend of authentic traditional old-time music each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990, our live stream, and PemTel channel 2.

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