NRV Jamboree 6/25/16

The Jamboree featured the bluegrass individual competition winners and combined category winners (bass, mandolin, folk song) from the 2016 Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention in Newport. We originally broadcast the competitions live from the festival on June 11. The final portion of the show had a selection of more contestants.

1st Place Fiddle: Paul Herling - Cattle in the Cane
1st Place Banjo: Lane Robertson - Bluff City
1st Place Guitar: Jon Benfield - Billy in the Lowground
1st Place Mandolin: Jeff Getz - Tennessee Blues
1st Place Bass: Keith Thomas - Flop-eared Mule
1st Place Folk Song: Liam Kelly - Diamond Joe

2nd Place Fiddle: Henry Barnes - Sally Goodin
2nd Place Banjo: Garland Finn - Bully of the Town
2nd Place Guitar: Brandon Hilton - Salt Creek
2nd place Mandolin: Bob Stepno - Quince Dillion's High D
2nd Place Folk Song: Tim Thorton - Keep on the Sunny Side

3rd Place Fiddle: Lilly Turner - Jerusalem Ridge
3rd Place Guitar: Mike Fisher - St Anne's Reel
3rd Place Mandolin: Mike Fisher - Old Joe Clark
3rd Place Folk Song: Lieselotte Heil - Pretty Peggy-O
4th Place Mandolin: Addison Dobbs - Red Wing
4th Place Folk Song: Earl Reno - Talk About Suffering
5th Place Folk Song: Matt Peyton - Darling Cory

Old-time Banjo: Mike Bostock - Cuckoo Bird
Old-time Fiddle: Carl Baron - Shelvin Rock
Folk Song: Fred Benfield - Greenville Trestle
Old-time Band: Reed Island Rounders - Camp Chase
Old-time Band: McGloughlin Brothers Band - I'll Fly Away

The WNRV New River Valley Jamboree is our local live music show that airs each Saturday from 3-4 PM. Listen to great live music by tuning in at AM 990, our live stream, or PemTel channel 2.

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