Mountain Music Show 11/15/16

Assorted tunes this week for the Mountain Music Show.

Reed Island Rounders - Five Miles to Town
Crutchfield Project - Iberia Breakdown
Frank Proffitt - Johnson Boys
The Kentucky Clodhoppers - Granny Went To Meeting

The Hot Seats - Snakewinder
Erynn Marshall - Davy Come Back And Act Like You Oughta
Snuffy Jenkins and His Hired Hands - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Ga Camp Meeting)
Narmour and Smith - Avalon Quickstep
Buell H. Kazee - John Hardy
Clarence White - Under the Double Eagle

Mark Tamsula and Richard Withers - Little Ellie And Her Sister Liz/Three In The Hill
Clyde Davenport - Ladies on the Steamboat
George Pegram and Walter Red Parham - Sourwood Mountain
Earl Johnson and His Clodhoppers - Ain't Nobody's Business
Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers - Old Time Corn Shuckin Pt 2

Christian Wig and Friends - Happy Hollow
Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers - Flying Clouds
Burl Hammons - The Route
Dent Wimmer - Trouble in Mind
Home Folks - Step Light Ladies

The Mountain Music Show airs it's special blend of authentic traditional old-time music each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990, our live stream, and PemTel channel 2.

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