Mountain Music Show 2/14/17

This week I had the annual Valentine's Day twist on the Mountain Music Show.

Jim Lloyd and the Skyliners - Drifting Farther From You
Nichols Brothers - She's Killing Me
Callahan Brothers - Just One Year
The Leake County Revelers - Picture No Artist Can Paint

Jabbour, Perlman, and Watson - When You And I Were Young, Maggie
Shelor Family - Billy Grimes The Rover
Tommy Jarrell - As Time Draws Near
W.E. Claunch - Miss Sally at the Party
Jimmie Rodgers - She Was Happy Till She Met You

The John Hartford String Band - Bring Your Clothes Back Home
Art Rosenbaum and Al Murphy - Bonnie James Campbell
Georgia Yellow Hammers - All Old Bachelors are Hard to Please
Gordon Tanner, John Patterson, and Smokey Joe Miller - Goodbye, Little Bonnie, Blue Eyes
Dock Boggs - Lost Love Blues

Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands - Charmin' Betsy
Mose Coffman - Who's Been Here Since I Been Gone
Uncle Dave Macon - Molly Married A Travelling Man
Chris Bouchillon - Hannah

The Mountain Music Show airs it's special blend of authentic traditional old-time music each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in at 990 AM, our live stream, and PemTel channel 2.

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