NRV Jamboree 5/27/17

More music from previous years of the Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention on the Jamboree. This show had the bluegrass band and individual winners from the 2014 festival.

This year's festival is June 9-10 in Newport.

Bluegrass Band
1st place - Bear Spring Connection - Della Mae & Listen to the Rain
2nd place - Bad Ridge - John Henry Blues & If You're Thinkin You Want a Stranger
3rd place - Pilot Mountain Grass - Love is Like a Flower & Durham's Reel

Bluegrass Individual
1st place - Fiddle: Rebekah Campbell - Lee Highway Blues
1st place - Banjo: Timmy Mills - Earl's Breakdown
1st place - Guitar: Jason Roberston - Goodbye Liza Jane
1st place - Mandolin: Jason Robertson - Unknown tune
1st place - Bass: Jamie Stacey - Clinch Mountain Backstep

2nd place - Fiddle: Ben Silcox - Maiden's Prayer
2nd place - Banjo: Mike Mullins - Blackjack
2nd place - Guitar: Josh Raines - Blackberry Blossom
2nd place - Mandolin: Honey Brassfield - Salt Creek

3rd place - Fiddle: Honey Brassfield - Cluck Ol Hen
3rd place - Banjo: Lane Roberston - Shuckin the Corn
3rd place - Guitar: Brandon Hilton - Salt Creek
3rd place - Mandolin: Matt Stacey - Sugarfoot Rag
4th place - Fiddle: Lane Robertson - Golden Slippers
4th place - Banjo: Corey Wood - Earl's Breakdown
4th place - Guitar: Ronnie Toney - Across the Big Sandy
4th place - Mandolin: Jake Maynard - Monroe's Farewell

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