NRV Jamboree 6/24/17

More recordings on the Jamboree from the 2017 Henry Reed Memorial Fiddlers Convention June 9-10 in Newport. These were the bluegrass band & bluegrass individual competition winners.

1st place Bluegrass band: Foggy Mountain 4 - Nine Pound Hammer & If I Lose
1st place Bluegrass fiddle: Rebekah Graham - Lee Highway Blues
1st place Bluegrass banjo: Gary Webb - Gary’s Tune
1st place Bluegrass guitar: Rick Hall - Foggy Mountain Special
1st place Mandolin*: Rick Hall - Whiskey Before Breakfast
1st place Bass*: Ben Silcox - Foggy Mountain Special
1st place Folk song*: Liselotte Hiel - Pretty Peggio

2nd place Bluegrass fiddle: Henry Barnes - Cotton Patch Rag - did it twice, bow broke)
2nd place Bluegrass Banjo: Nessie Hunt - Sled Ridin’
2nd place Bluegrass guitar: Brandon Hilton - Sunny Side of the Mountain
2nd place Mandolin*: Abe Goorskey - East Tenn. Blues
2nd place Bass*: JW Meade - Sweet Georgia Brown
2nd place Folk song*: Scott Patrick - Bury Me Beneath the Willow

3rd place Bluegrass Fiddle: Doug Merritt - Roxanna Waltz
3rd place Bluegrass guitar: Scott Patrick - Fireball Mail
3rd place Mandolin*: Bob Stepno - Over the Waterfall
3rd place Folk song*: Fred Benfield - Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home

4th place Bluegrass fiddle: Steve Kruger - Cincinnati Rag
4th place Bluegrass guitar: Jon Benfield - Under the Double Eagle
4th place Mandolin*: Jeff Getz - Whiskey Before Breakfast
4th place Folk song*: Russ Boyd - Rocky Island
5th place Mandolin*: Dennis McKim - Peacock Rag
5th place Folk song*: Mark Ralston - Milwaukee Blues

* Combined category (no separate old-time & bluegrass categories)

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