Mountain Music Show 6/8/10

Chris continues our festival theme this week with a show that features Henry Reed & Frank George. The 8th Annual Henry Reed Memorial Fiddler's Convention is coming up this weekend, & it will have a special treat with a Frank George performance on Friday night.

WNRV will be broadcasting the Frank George set & all the other bands on Friday night live on the air & our Internet stream.



Playlist for today's show (Library of Congress ID & date included for Alan Jabbour's Henry Reed recordings):

Franklin George with John Hilt - Soldier's Joy
Henry Reed - The Route 13033b29 06-18-1966
Franklin George - Old Molly Hare
Henry Reed - Greasy String 13703b07 05-06-1967
Franklin George - Fine Times at Our House
Henry Reed - Chinchbug 13703b14 05-06-1967
Franklin George with John Hilt - Boyne Water
Henry Reed - George Booker 13035b06 08-27-1966
Franklin George with John Hilt - Harvest Home

Henry Reed - Granny 13035b09 08-27-1966
Franklin George with John Hilt - Harv Brown's Dream
Jabbour, Reed, and Levy - Georgia Camp Meeting
Franklin George with John Hilt - Jenny Lind Polka
Henry Reed - Folding Down the Sheets 13705a44 07-17-1967
Franklin George - Grey Eagle
Henry Reed - Jawbones 13705b24 10-27-1967

Franklin George with John Hilt - Kitty's Wedding
Henry Reed - Little Stream of Whiskey 13035a45 08-27-1966
Sandy's Fancy - Ducks in the Pond
Franklin George with John Hilt - O'Higgans Hornpipe
Henry Reed - Over the Waterfall 13703b08 05-06-1967
Franklin George with John Hilt - Sugar In the Gourd
Henry Reed - Poor Ellen Smith 13705b32 10-27-1967
Franklin George - Angeline

Henry Reed - Red Fox 13035a41 08-27-1966
Franklin George - Teetotaler
Henry Reed - Somebody Else is Getting It Where the Chicken Got the A-X-E  13703b04 05-06-1967
Franklin George - Nancy Ann
Henry Reed - Shelving Rock 13034b35 06-18-1966
Franklin George - Walking in the Parlor
Hollow Rock String Band - Peekaboo Waltz

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