Mountain Music Show 7/13/10

This week Chris featured traditional old-time from the central West Virginia area.

Melvin Wine - Cold Frosty Morning
Edden Hammons - Washington's March
Wilson Douglas - Elzic's Farewell
Melvin Wine - Old Sledge
Lester and Linda McCumbers - Billy in the Low Ground
Tweedy Brothers - Home Brew Rag
Wilson Douglas - Muskrat Sally Ann
Edden Hammons - Big Fancy
Lester and Linda McCumbers - Yew Piney Mountain
Wilson Douglas - Petronella
Lester and Linda McCumbers - Cherry River Line
Wilson Douglas - Sugar in the Gourd
Edden Hammons - Mississippi Sawyer
Melvin Wine - Black Cat in the Briar Patch
Lester and Linda McCumbers - Sally Coming Through the Rye
Wilson Douglas - Cold Frosty Morning
Melvin Wine - Going Down to Georgia-O
Edden Hammons - Waynesboro
Melvin Wine - Old Skedaddalink
Wilson Douglas - Abe's Retreat

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