Mountain Music Show 10/26/10

We took a break from our themes this week on the Mountain Music Show & instead just played you a variety of old-time tunes. Thanks to Neil Turner (aka BanjoNeil), we got a bunch of these from his collection.

Ballards Branch Bogtrotters - Deadheads and Suckers
Hobart Smith - Soldiers Joy
Reed Island Rounders - Shelvin Rock
Dock Boggs - Wild Bill Jones

Eck Robertson - Say Old Man, Can You Play a Fiddle
Thaddeus Willingham - Rove Riley Rove
Charlie Poole - Baltimore Fire
Virgil Anderson - Jenny Hang the Kettle On

Smyth County Ramblers - My Name is Ticklish Reuben
Pete Steele - Last Payday at Coal Creek
The Walter Family - That`s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It
Frazier and Patterson - Po Black Sheep

Stephen Wade - Malvern Hill
Joe Sharp and Band - Three Way Hornpipe
Byrd Moore And Melvin Robinette - That Old Tiger Rag
Harry and Jeanie West - Careless Love


Show available for download

This show is now available in our Archives.

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