Mountain Music Show 12/14/10

This week our buddy Kilby Spencer helped us out with a great selection of winter & Christmas-related tunes for the Mountain Music Show. There are a few classic bluegrass tunes included as part of the holiday spirit, but Kilby pulled from his extensive collection to provide you with some recordings that you probably have not heard.

Bill Monroe - Footprints in the Snow
Norman Edmonds - Breaking up Christmas
Clyde Troxell - Skippin' Through The Frost and Snow
Tommy Jackson - Snowflake Reel

Frank Grayson - Snow Deer
The Solomon Family - Snowshoes
Eck Robertson - Snowbird in the Ashbank
Lee Stoneking - Birdie in the Snow Bank
Sam and Kirk McGee - Snowdrop
Bill Hensley - Snowbird

Thornton Spencer and Jeremy Stephens - Snowline
Albert Hash and the Whitetop Mountain Band - When the Snowflakes Fall
Molly O'Day - At The First Fall Of Snow
The Stanley Brothers - Christmas Is Near
Arthur P Crowder - Christmas Eve
Pug Allen - Christmas Holiday

The Kimbles - Breaking up Christmas
Pete Humphries - Christmas Morning
French Carpenter - Old Christmas Morning
Bill Monroe - Christmas Times A-Coming
Fiddlin' John Carsons' Virginia Reelers - Christmas Time Soon Be Over


Let it snow...

Whoops, I hope that our snow & Christmas show did not contribute to the snow that is covering the area.

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