Mountain Music Show 2/22/11

We're still recovering from all the tragic love songs on last week's show, so this week the Mountain Music Show featured a variety of tunes rather than a theme.

Wilson Douglas - Run Here Granny Take a Look at Uncle Sam
Hobart Smith - Hawkins County Jail
Norman S. Edmonds - Lucy Neil
The Pine River Boys and Maybelle - Danville Girl
John Hatcher - Farewell Whiskey

Costa and Campbell with Amazing Jim Lloyd - Western Cowboy
Melvin Wine - The Calhoun Swing
Uncle John Patterson - Draggin`The Bow
Oscar Wright - Shootin Creek
John Dilleshaw - Streak O'Lean-Streak O' Fat

New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters - Logan County Blues
Allen Sisson - Rocky Road to Dublin
Virgil Anderson - Trouble
Doc Williams - Sandy River Belles
Red Williams - Tugboat

Joe Thompson - Goin' Downtown
Charlie Higgins - Stony Point
Stephen Wade - Bonaparte's Retreat
Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters - Katy Cline
Thaddeus C. Willingham - Roll on the Ground
Harry McClintock - Hallelujah I'm a Bum


Thursday replay at 8 PM this week

Due to our live coverage of the Narrows-Bath County playoff game at 6 PM today, the Thursday replay of this week's Mountain Music Show will instead be aired at 8 PM.

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