Mountain Music Show 3/1/11

We decided to stay close to home for this week's Mountain Music Show on WNRV. The show features a selection of Virginia musicians doing some of our favorite breakdowns.

The Crooked Road Ramblers - Lafayette
Enoch Rutherford - Western Country
The Jugbusters - Sail Away Ladies
Charlie Higgins, Cliff Carrico, and Kelly Lundy - John Hardy
Lawrence Russell - Groundhog
Albert Hash - Rabbit Up a Gum Stump

Fiddlin' Powers Family - Old Virginia Reel (with long intro)
Dry Hill Draggers - Ducks on a Millpond
Crockett Ward and His Boys - Sugar Hill
Bruce Clark and The Sawmill Band - Cotton-Eye Joe

Reed Island Rounders - Ida Red/Goin' Down The River
Charlie Higgins, Cliff Carrico, and Kelly Lundy - Mississippi Sawyer
Mac Traynham and Shay Garriock - Walking in the Parlor
Albert Hash - Turkey in the Straw
Enoch Rutherford - Sourwood Mtn
Whitetop Mountain Band - Great Big Taters

Dry Hill Draggers - Dry Hill
The Crooked Road Ramblers - Mississippi Sawyer
Sam Connor (with Dent Wimmer) - Old Time Fire in the Mountains
Bruce Clark and The Sawmill Band - John Hardy
Giles Mountain String Band - Jimmy Johnson Bring Your Jug Around The Hill

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