Mountain Music Show 3/8/11

This week we took a break from our themes and put together a variety of old-time tunes for the Mountain Music Show.

Kim Johnson - Sixteen Days In Georgia
Glen Smith - Going Back To Georgie
Dwight Lamb - Zinger
Jont Blevins - Old Molly Hare
John Rector, Wade Ward, and Fields Ward - Kitty Clyde
Lee Hammons - Dead Man's Piece

Kirk Sutphin and Riley Baugus - Wild Bill Jones
Old Sledge - Danville Girl
Sandy's Fancy - Johnny Lover's Gone (aka Johnny's Gone to War)
Franklin George with Pat Dunford - Darling Nellie Gray/Golden Slippers (dulcimer)

Ed and Cecil Spencer - Careless Love
Goebel Reeves - The Tramp's Mother
Kessinger Brothers - Garfield March
Riley Puckett - Rock All the Babies to Sleep

New Lost City Ramblers - I've Still Got 99
Madisonville String Band - B-Flat Rag
Gordon Tanner, John Patterson, Smokey Joe Miller and the Skillet Lickers - Bully of the Town
The Hot Seats - Blues in the Bottle


Show available for download

This show is now available for download in our Archives.

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