Mountain Music Show 5/10/11

This week's Mountain Music Show on WNRV featured some current music from the Whitetop, VA region. Thanks to Kilby Spencer for helping us out with providing the tunes.

The Mountain Music show airs each week on WNRV from 2-3 PM on Tuesday and 6-7 PM on Thursday. Tune in on AM 990 or our live stream. Downloads of previous shows are available in our Archives.

Whitetop Mountain Band - Goin' Up the Bluff
Crooked Road Ramblers - Cacklin' Hen
Jacob Bowe, Blake Rash, Kilby Spencer, Jeremy Stephens - Jimmy Sutton
Grayson Highlands Band - Sally Was a Poor Gal
Whitetop Mountain Band - Where the Mountain Laurel Blooms

Crooked Road Ramblers - Whoa Mule
Blake Rash, Jeremy Stephens, Kilby Spencer - Lost Train Blues
Grayson Highlands Band - Ebenezer
Whitetop Mountain Band - Virginia Creeper Line
Mount Rogers Ramblers - Alabama Gals

Jacob Bowen, Jeremy Stephens, Kilby Spencer - Forked Deer
Whitetop Mountain Band - Great Big Taters/Cumberland Gap medley
Crooked Road Ramblers - Walking in the Parlor
Mount Rogers Ramblers - Rabbit Up a Gum Stump
Grayson Highlands Band - Trot Along

Grayson Highlands Band - Sandy River Belle
Mount Rogers Ramblers - Sourwood Mountain
Grayson Highlands Band - Diggi Li Li
Crooked Road Ramblers - Lafayette
Jacob Bowen, Jeremy Stephens, Kilby Spencer - Old Dad
Blake Rash, Jeremy Stephens, Kilby Spencer - Florida Blues
Whitetop Mountain Band - Flop Eared Mule

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