Winners for 1st Annual Giles Fiddler's Convention

Here are the winners for the individual & band competitions for the 1st Annual Giles Fiddler's Convention.

WNRV will rebroadcast the May 21 competitions on the May 28 New River Valley Jamboree Show. We were on-site providing live coverage of the festival & recorded the competitions.

Old Time Band
1. The Black Twig Pickers
2. Sugar Farm Express
3. Coal Train String Band

Old Time Fiddle
1. Lynn Osmond
2. Chris Via
3. Sally Morgan

Old Time Banjo
1. Nathan Bowles
2. Gary Holmgren
3. Chris Via

Bluegrass Band
1. New River Strangers
2. Walker’s Creek
3. Stateline Bluegrass

Non-Traditional Band
1. White Dog
2. Rudolph and Scott
3. New River Strangers

Bluegrass Mandolin
1. Aaron Williams
2. Jared Sweet
3. no competitor

Bluegrass Bass
1. Jamie Collins
2. Ashley Wiese
3. Jay Dodson

Bluegrass Fiddle
1. Bobby Moore
2. Joanne McGowan

Bluegrass Banjo
1. Jason Wheeler
2. Greg Deal
3. no competitor

Bluegrass Guitar
1. Aaron Williams
2. Ronnie Toney
3. Jared Sweet

Adult Dance
1. Sally Morgan
2. Mary Nickerson
3. John Imbur

1. Jaime Collins
2. Ronnie Toney
3. Earl Reno

1. Tim Thornton
2. no competitor

Youth Instrument (Friday)
1. Aila Wildman
2. Eli Wildman
3. Isaac Hadden

Youth Instrument (Saturday)
1. Isabella Bourgoyne
2. Liam Zink
3. Ellery Zink

Youth Dance
1. Alia Wildman (Friday)
1. Ellery Zink (Saturday)

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