Great programming and a good signal is a winning combination for your advertising dollar. WNRV offers an exciting selection of advertising packages which provide you a variety of nicely-priced options for reaching your audience.

Radio advertising is still the number one advertising medium, surpassing TV, print, and the Internet. So why not invest your advertising money wisely? Taking advantage of radio advertising’s combination of low costs and high audience reach is a smart and cost-effective to grow your business.

Bluegrass and old-time music fans are a proven loyal breed of customers, we have a variety of broadcast and online packages available that will spread the word about your business/event and get your info directly to your target audience.

The coverage map for our signal shows that you can reach 10 counties by advertising on WNRV, and we broadcast on both AM and FM. We also offer a free Internet stream of our live signal, which makes your potential audience even larger – without you incurring any additional advertising costs.

Contact us today for details on the many advertising opportunities available on WNRV, and learn how to maximize the return on your advertising investment (including options for online advertising).

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