WNRV DollarSaver

We’re excited to announce the new WNRV DollarSaver program! This fun program will enable you to save 50% at local businesses through our Deal of the Week.

Each Monday week we’ll announce a new Deal of the Week from a local business. You’ll be able to purchase the deal at 10 AM on Thursday. All deals will be half-price, e.g., you only pay $12.50 for a certificate worth $25. You purchase the certificate on-line and then print it at your computer – you now have a certificate worth twice what you just paid that you can use right away at the local business. Think of it as instant gratification with a 50% discount!


Deals are often still available after a business is featured. Check the Latest Deals section at the bottom of the WNRV DollarSaver site to see which great previous Deals of the Week are still available.

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